How Much Do You Get For Donating Plasma? $500-$700 or More per Month with These Tips!

How Much Do You Get For Donating Plasma

How much do you get for donating plasma? The answer may surprise you! Not only is it a great way to help those in need, but you can also make some serious cash selling plasma. This blog post will discuss how much money you can expect to receive and ways to make the process even more lucrative. We’ll also cover tips to make your visit shorter and more comfortable. Keep reading to learn more!

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What is Plasma Donation?

Plasma donation is a process where people can donate their plasma for medical purposes. Plasma is the liquid component of blood and it helps to create treatments for diseases such as hemophilia, immunodeficiency disorders, and shock. When you donate your plasma, it will be separated from the rest of your blood and sent off to medical facilities that use it in treatments.

It’s 2 Step Process

Plasma is collected similarly to a blood donation by them inserting an IV into your arm. The main difference is that after your blood is removed, the machine extracts the plasma and puts your platelets back in you.

As such, it tends to take longer than a typical blood donation because of the additional step. They DO NOT remove 100% of the needed donation in one extraction. It processes a certain percentage each cycle.

The machine continues processing until the donation bottle is filled to a level related to your body weight. Don’t worry, there is a maximum amount you can donate at one time.

How Is Plasma Donation Different Than Donating Blood

How Is Plasma Donation Different Than Donating Blood?

Plasma donors usually get more money than blood donors because the process takes longer. Plasma donations require a two-step process, while blood donations are typically done in one step. Plasma returns your red blood cells to you while blood donations keep the red blood cells. Since red blood cells take longer to rebuild in the body, plasma donations are allowed to be more frequent as plasma can be replaced quickly.

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The Complete Donation Process

Call Your Local Plasma Collection Center and Check Their Payment Amounts

Ask how much for new plasma donors and the normal donor amounts (they are different)

Confirm you can donate twice a week and that the 2nd weekly payment is higher than the first. Check if your blood type is eligible for additional income. If you don’t know yours, ask during your first plasma donation about extra pay.

Schedule a Time For an Initial Physical Exam and Health Check

Don’t just walk in as they may not have time to give you the required comprehensive physical exam.

Bring your photo ID, social security card, proof of address (i.e. a utility bill), any welcome bonus cards or emails.

You will be given a physical. You will be asked to give your health history and a small sample for them to check your blood, especially your protein levels. The entire process will take around 2 hours.

Don’t lie during the medical screening as this can get you banned permanently from all donation facilities.

Helpful Tips:

  • For ladies, you may need to regularly take an iron supplement to pass the blood test.
  • Men that do a lot of weight training, keeping your protein levels high will need to be an extra focus.
  • If you fail the blood test, you can retest the following week. If you fail twice, you will need to take a month off or may be banned from being a plasma donor.
  • It takes around a week to get the test results back. If you don’t hear from the center, call in to see if they have received the results.

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Time to Donate

Once you have been notified that you can donate, it’s time to start. Make sure you know what weekly schedule the donation center operates on. This is important because if you miss or delay a day, your allowed donation schedule gets pushed back.

For example, you normally donate Monday and Thursday and you miss a Thursday and go on Friday. Your next week restarts but now you are a Monday & Friday donor.

To reset, you would need to wait a week with no donations to reset to Monday and Thursday. Get too far back in the week and you may miss your second higher-paying donation because the center has started a new week.

The actual donation time depends on your weight, hydration, blood flow. Women tend to donate faster than men.

How Much Does Plasma Donation Pay

How Much Does Plasma Donation Pay?

Plasma donations centers all pay slightly different rates. You will eleven find different rates in the same company. You need to check with local branch what the current rates are for the month. Monthly earnings will range between $500-$700 dollars across the industry.

Most donation centers set up a system where the first donation of the week will be lower than the second one. This is to encourage you to donate regularly.

For first time donors the rates will be higher sometimes double what a returning donor receives. Grifols currently has new donor specials that range from $600-$1100 for a full months donations. So make sure you sign up at the beginning of the month the get the most.

Center will add money to a debit card which you can use to withdrawal your cash right away or use like a credit card at stores. Be sure to check you card balance after each donation to make sure the money was added.

Tips to Donate Plasma Faster

Tips to Donate Plasma Faster

Check Your Weight

Some centers, like CSL Plasma pay different amounts on how much you weigh. A higher body weight means you can donate more plasma. If you on the border to a higher amount keep that in mind. On the other hand Grifols pays the same but if you lower in weight you donate less and can leave faster.

Stay Hydrated

Drink 24 ounces of water 1 hour before you donate and full day’s worth the day before.

Find Days That You Can Be Consistent

Set a schedule and ask the workers what are the quieter times and days. You don’t want to be stuck in 2 hour wait times to donate.

Rotate Arms Between Donations

If you have good veins in both arms switch between the two to avoid scar tissue building up. It is very painful if they hit scar tissue. They may even force you to take a week to a month off to let your arm heal.

Most importantly – Comfort and Safety

If the needle doesn’t feel right in your arm, or the donation percentage for the first draw is lower than usual, ask them to check the needle. Poor flow can cause you to be there much longer or lead to bruising that will cause you to miss donations while you heal.

Bring a blanket or jacket to keep you warm. Donation centers are kept cold and after donation the final step is to refill you with a saline bag. This liquid feels cold when going into your arm.

What is the Best Plasma Donation Center to Make Money

What is the Best Plasma Donation Center to Make Money?

The larger plasma donation centers tend to have higher donation payments. Most are in all states. You need to find one in your area as they will check your proof of address. You can’t go to a different branch if you are out of town.

You also CANNOT go to two different donation centers hoping to donate plasma more than twice a week. Each plasma center is connected to a central database that is checked before you are allowed to donate.

Some of the larger donation centers include

Note: Companies no longer pay extra for natural COVID convalescent plasma.

How to Supercharge Your Earnings While Donating

How to Supercharge Your Earnings While Donating


If you plan on donating with a friend or spouse, don’t sign up at the same time. One of you should wait a week or until the first person has been approved and has donated plasma one time. Then the second person signs up and mentions your name as a referral.

Referral bonuses are around $100 after your new donor referral has donated 3 times. You have to be at the same center. They won’t accept your referrals at different plasma collection centers. They want it to be local.

Monthly Bonuses

Many plasma donation centers offer bonuses on the 5th and 7th monthly donations. These range from an extra $20-40 for that donation. They also may offer spin-the-wheel chances for extra swag, gift cards, or even bigger items like a new bike.

Use Your Spare Time to Make Extra Money

Don’t just watch tv while you donate plasma. Use that time to fill out surveys for cash with sites like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie.

You can also play online games that pay you to play. Popular gaming sites include: Mistplay and Rewarded Play.

Lastly, you can use you time to take free online courses for a new career.

Save Money to Make Money

Save Money to Make Money

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Donating Plasma Can Provide Much Needed Extra Cash

When you combine the tips above, you can really increase your earnings from donating plasma. People donate for different reasons, some to help others and some just for extra cash.

Plasma donation centers always need new donors, so don’t hesitate to give it a try. Make sure to do your research and find what works for you when deciding where to donate.

It really is an easy money side hustle you can start today!

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