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But do you know that you can qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program benefits through EASY Wireless even if you don't qualify for Medicaid?

To know how to qualify for Medicaid and get your free unlimited data from EASY Wireless, continue reading!

How to Qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico?- EASY Wireless

How to Qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico?

Medicaid is a healthcare insurance program helping millions of Americans to get free medical services. In addition, it can help you with costly medical bills and hospital expenses.

Over 43 percent of people in New Mexico get Medicaid benefits. You could be one of them. But do you know how to qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico?

You must be a resident of the State of New Mexico to get New Mexico Medicaid and be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residence. The following is a list of things that can also qualify you:

  • Being pregnant
  • Being Responsible for a child 18 years of age or younger
  • Having a disability or a family member in your household with a disability
  • Being sixty-five years of age or older.

How to Apply for the New Mexico Medicaid? - EASY Wireless

How to Apply for the New Mexico Medicaid?

So, now you know whether you qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico, why not apply for it? Then, you can follow the two simple steps to apply for Medicaid benefits in New Mexico:

  • If you want to apply online, visit the YES New Mexico online Application Portal.
  • You can also find additional application information on the Apply for Benefits Page. Here you'll also be able to download the application form.

You can follow the above simple steps to get your Medicaid.

What does EASY Wireless offer when you qualify?- EASY Wireless

What does EASY Wireless offer when you qualify?

EASY Wireless will send you a free unlimited sim kit when you qualify. So you can pop your new universal sim card into your phone and start enjoying free unlimited data, talk & text for as long as you are eligible.  

EASY Wireless has been working hard to connect households with reliable phone service for over 20 years. We understand that having stable, fast, and reliable broadband can be a game changer for you and your family.

When you qualify for the ACP in New Mexico, EASY Wireless will offer you the following:

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan 

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep Your Phone & Number
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation

Getting ACP benefits in New Mexico is that simple with EASY Wireless. If you still have questions or are confused about anything, you can contact our support team online or call us now!

What if I Don't Qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico? - EASY Wireless

What if I Don't Qualify for Medicaid in New Mexico?

Medicaid isn't the only way you can get your unlimited free internet in New Mexico. There are other ways too.

EASY Wireless provides a range of options through which you can get your 4G universal sim cards and unlimited data free of cost.

One way to receive free internet anywhere in New Mexico is to qualify for ACP benefits through your income level. If you earn below a certain amount, as shown in the chart, you can get free unlimited data from EASY Wireless.

2022 ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart - EASY Wireless

The other way to receive unlimited free internet is to participate in a government assistance program.

Enroll Now with EasyEASY Wireless to Enjoy unlimited FREE internet - EASY Wireless

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Imagine yourself using free unlimited data without paying a penny! EASY Wireless is on a mission to reduce your costly internet and cell phone bills.

A stable, fast, and reliable internet can improve your life by opening new opportunities for jobs and education.

 In addition, the security of having your own internet with you wherever you go is priceless.

Our EASY Wireless customer care team is on hand to help you every step of the way to get your free services as quickly and easily as possible. So get FREE today with EASY Wireless!

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