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Do you want to get your SNAP/food stamp FREE unlimited internet in New Mexico today?

EASY Wireless is bringing their amazing sim-only unlimited plan to the residents of New Mexico.

And yes, you read that right, you can use your food stamps to get free internet from EASY Wireless, thanks to the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)!

For the last 20 years, EASY Wireless has been keeping Americans connected. So applying for ACP benefits from us is a sure way of getting the best free offers and reliable connectivity.

So you want to know what the Affordable Connectivity Program is, New Mexico? How do you qualify and apply for free data and stop paying a monthly cellphone bill? You will find all the answers you need in this article.

Free Internet Can Improve Your Life: Here’s How

Free Internet Can Improve Your Life: Here’s How

Paying for an internet connection is not cheap. So if you apply and qualify for free internet, you will save money from your monthly phone bill. This means you can entertain your friends and loved ones by streaming movies and music without fearing sudden disconnection or huge bills.

Online shopping is very popular these days. You can shop online for groceries, clothes, and anything else you may need, and have it delivered right to your address. All you need is a reliable internet connection.

Who knows when you will need emergency services or to contact your loved ones urgently? As long as you have a reliable internet connection, you don’t have to worry about such issues.

Do you see where we are going with this? We have not talked about the courses you can do online to sharpen your skills and improve your employment chances. Free internet can improve your life, and you can get it from EASY Wireless!

Qualifying for Free Internet through Food Stamps in New Mexico

Qualifying for Free Internet through Food Stamps in New Mexico

Any New Mexican going through financial challenges can apply for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Once you qualify, you will receive a card that you will use to purchase food from authorized sellers.

Once you are approved and are buying nutritious food using your food stamps, you can use the food stamp program to receive free internet access from EASY Wireless.

So if you qualify for food stamps and have not yet applied, it is time to do so. Once you apply, there are other benefits you can get to make your life easier as you work towards regaining your financial position.

But food stamp/SNAP is not the only way to qualify for a free internet connection. As we mentioned above, as long as you qualify for ACP, you can get free unlimited internet from EASY Wireless.

Qualifying For ACP New Mexico

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a benefit that the government established to ensure low-income Americans get internet access. One way to qualify is through your household’s income level.

The chart below shows the allowed income level of various household sizes. If your household income level fits the requirements, you can apply for ACP and get FREE internet access from EASY Wireless.

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

You will also qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program if you are currently receiving support from the government programs below.

The EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Internet Plan

The EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Internet Plan

So you have qualified for ACP through EASY Wireless and want to know what you will receive? EASY Wireless offers the following free services to help reduce your phone bills:.

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep the Phone You Love
  • Choose to Keep Your Number or Get a New One
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation

Enroll for Free Internet in New Mexico through EASY Wireless Today

Enroll for Free Internet in New Mexico through EASY Wireless Today

Talk to friends, search for jobs that match your skills, and contact emergency services when you need help free of charge. All that is possible once you qualify for ACP through EASY Wireless.

There are no hidden charges, and we don’t do a credit check. Finding it hard to apply? Our friendly customer service representatives will guide you from start to finish.

Our support does not end once you enroll; if ever you encounter a problem with your EASY Wireless service, we are here to help!

It is now easier than ever to enroll! Just click on the enrollment form, fill in the required details and migrate to America’s fastest and most reliable network.  No more internet charges! No more cell phone bills. Things are EASY with EASY Wireless!

Start Saving Today!


Start Saving Today!

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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