Homeless Shelter Tulsa OK: Find the Help You Need

Homeless Shelter Tulsa OK: Find the Help You Need

In Tulsa, the challenge of homelessness is one that affects countless individuals and families, each story unique yet bound by common threads of need and hope. Whether you are experiencing a temporary setback or are caught in the cycle of chronic homelessness, understanding and accessing the right support can be your first step toward stability.

This blog aims to guide you through the services available in Tulsa, OK, shining a light on the pathways to assistance and long-term solutions provided by our dedicated community.

Immediate Help Available in Tulsa

If you find yourself without a home or at imminent risk of becoming homeless, know that Tulsa has resources designed to support you during these critical times. From emergency shelters that provide immediate respite to comprehensive services that address your basic needs, help is closer than you might think.

Emergency Shelters and Services

For anyone in immediate need, Tulsa offers shelter that provides safety, meals, and essential services around the clock.

Tulsa Day Center

The Tulsa Day Center, open to all during the day, extends its services to women and men over 55 at night, ensuring a safe haven regardless of the time or situation.

Located at the heart of the city, the center not only offers a place to sleep but also provides clothing, daily meals, and access to medical care at no cost. This immediate support is crucial, acting as a first step toward stability. Whether you need a temporary place to stay or just a meal and a warm shower, these shelters are equipped to help you.

For more detailed information or immediate assistance, you can visit the Tulsa Day Center or call their office at (918) 583-5588. Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength, and the first step in regaining your footing in the community.

Path to Long-term Stability

Once your immediate needs are met, the next step is to build a foundation for a stable future. Case management is at the core of long-term support services in Tulsa. When you engage with a case manager, you’ll receive tailored support designed to fit your unique circumstances. This includes help with securing permanent housing, getting your Oklahoma ID and birth certificate, and connections to mental health resources if needed.

Eden Village Tulsa – A Community Solution

In Tulsa, Eden Village represents a pioneering approach to long-term stability for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness. To reside in Eden Village, you need to meet certain criteria, including having a recurring income to cover a modest rent and a willingness to live by community rules. This gated community offers tiny homes for single occupancy, providing not just shelter but a dignified, private living space.

At Eden Village, community support and safety are priorities. Residents participate in maintaining the cleanliness and security of the area, creating a shared sense of responsibility and belonging. If this seems like the right fit for you, getting in touch with Eden Village could be a great option for securing a long-term home.

Specialized Programs for Homeless Families

Homeless families face unique challenges, and Tulsa offers specialized programs aimed at helping families find their feet again. Family Promise of Tulsa County focuses on providing comprehensive support to homeless children and their families. They offer temporary housing in apartment shelters, transportation, and meals for up to 120 days.

Family Promise of Tulsa County

While staying in these apartment shelters, you and your family will work with case managers to develop and follow a plan for success. This includes financial support to obtain necessary documents like birth certificates and IDs, which are vital for job applications and enrolling children in school. This structured support helps families move towards independence, reducing the stress of homelessness and allowing a focus on long-term goals.

Preventing Homelessness Before It Starts​

Preventing Homelessness Before It Starts

Prevention is key to reducing homelessness in the Tulsa area. Early intervention can keep at-risk families from losing their homes in the first place. The Future Starts at Home program focuses on early intervention by providing targeted assistance to families on the brink of homelessness.

Future Starts at Home Program

This program run by Family Promise helps families maintain their housing and avoid the cycle of homelessness through financial aid and supportive services. By offering rent assistance, relocation funding, and connecting families to long-term support networks, Future Starts at Home works to stabilize families before they face eviction. This proactive approach not only saves resources but also preserves the family unit and prevents the trauma associated with losing a home.

These programs in Tulsa are designed to offer you and your family the support needed to overcome homelessness. By engaging with these services, you can find the assistance you need to build a stable, hopeful future.

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How You Can Help: Volunteer and Community Involvement

Beyond seeking help, there’s also an opportunity for you to give back and strengthen the very community that supports you and others in need. Volunteering at local shelters and programs not only helps others but can enrich your own life, providing a sense of purpose and community connection.

Get Involved and Make a Difference

Consider volunteering your time at organizations like the Tulsa Day Center or Family Promise of Tulsa County. These places thrive on the energy and compassion of volunteers, whether through serving meals, organizing donations, or offering skills-based services like tutoring or job training. Every bit of help contributes to a larger mission of ending homelessness in our city.

Volunteering can also help you build relationships and develop new skills that can be beneficial in your own path to stability. It’s a meaningful way to contribute to the community’s effort to provide hope and assistance to those in need.


Homelessness is a significant challenge that requires a community-wide response. In Tulsa, there are numerous programs and services designed to support individuals and families facing this tough situation. By taking advantage of these resources, you can find not just temporary relief, but also pathways to long-term stability and independence.

Remember, whether you are in need of help or looking for ways to give back, you are not alone. There is a network of support in Tulsa ready to stand with you. Together, through community involvement and support, we can make a substantial impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness, helping to rebuild lives and strengthen our community.

Stay connected, stay informed, and remember, the path to a better tomorrow begins with the steps we take today. Let’s continue to support each other and work together to end homelessness in Tulsa, one person, one family at a time.

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