Side Hustles in Rural Areas

Side Hustles in Rural Areas

So let’s be honest, making some extra money on the side seems tough when you live in a small town. The hustle and bustle of your town’s nearby cities makes side hustles so accessible, but what about when you’re surrounded by more cows than people?! Don’t worry, there’s options. Living in a rural area has its perks if you know where to look. You could be surprised by how many ways there are to pick up some extra cash without trekking into the nearest urban area.

Whether you want to tap into your creative side, utilize your land and space, start your own business, or take advantage of the rise of the digital world, there are plenty of fulfilling and lucrative side hustles you can take on right from the comfort of your small town. Keep reading to uncover the top five side hustles that are perfect for rural living.

Farm-Based Side Hustles

When it comes to rural areas, farms are typically pretty easy to come by. There could be plenty of opportunities to make money on a farm, such as:

Selling Produce

If you have a green thumb and some extra garden space, consider selling your fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs at a local farmer’s market or roadside stand. People will pay a premium for homegrown, organic produce. All you need to get started is some gardening tools, seeds, and some local markets to sell at.

Offering Tours

Do you have an interesting farm with animals, orchards, or crops? Farm tours are becoming increasingly popular as local residents want to know where their food comes from. Charge visitors an admission fee to take a guided tour, teach them about farming, and show off your operation. You’re going to need liability insurance in case of any accidents.

Breeding Livestock

If you have experience raising cattle, chickens, goats, or other farm animals, you could make money by breeding and selling livestock. People pay good money for organically-raised animals. Invest in breeding stock to get started and learn proper animal husbandry to keep your livestock healthy. But selling animals can be very profitable.

As you can tell, there are many opportunities for farm-based small town businesses or side hustles. Whether you want to sell fresh produce, offer farm tours, or breed livestock, living in a rural area provides lots of options for making extra money from home. With some hard work, the right skills, and luck, a farm-based side hustle could turn into a full-time job. Why not give one of these a try?

At-Home Business Ideas

More of a home body? Even if you’re not wanting to go outside to work, you could still make plenty of money from your home.

Freelance Writing

If you have a knack for writing, freelance writing is an easy small town business idea to get into from your home. You can write for blogs, companies, or even self-publish ebooks to sell online. The important thing is finding your niche, building up your experience, and networking to find new clients. With low overhead costs and flexibility, freelance writing is ideal for rural living.

Online Tutoring

Whether you’re great at math, science, languages, or music, turn your teaching skills into an online tutoring business. Using services such as Chegg, TakeLessons or Wyzant, you can connect with students worldwide via video chat for interactive tutoring sessions. You set your own hours and rates, and with a fast internet connection, you’re all set to start helping students learn from the comfort of your home.

Selling Hand Crafted Goods

If you have a crafty side, consider selling handmade goods like jewelry, clothing, artwork or décor items. You can open an online store on Etsy or eBay, or sell at local flea markets or craft fairs. While production costs are higher, handcrafted goods are appealing to customers interested in unique items. Focus on trendy and seasonal products for the best results.

Phone Representative

Some call centers hire independent contractors to handle customer service calls remotely. As an at-home call center rep, you’re going to assist customers with questions and handle various requests over the phone. Requirements typically include a landline phone, computer, and high-speed internet. The pay varies but often starts around $10 to $15 an hour. The work is repetitive, but for the right person, it’s an easy job to do from your rural home.

Gigs Requiring a Vehicle​

Gigs Requiring a Vehicle

If you have a vehicle and some time, there’s plenty of opportunities to make money.


If you have a reliable car, rural ride-sharing with services like Uber or Lyft is an easy way to make money in small towns. Many rural communities lack public transit options, so ridesharing helps fill that need while allowing you to set your own hours. You’re going to need a clean vehicle, valid insurance and license, and you’re going to have to pass a background check.

Moving Assistance

If you have a truck or van, offer your services helping people move in your local community or search for work with local businesses. Post ads on neighborhood Facebook groups, Nextdoor, and Craigslist advertising affordable moving help for small loads. Help load and unload boxes and furniture, then transport items between locations. Charge by the hour or by the size of each move. Moving assistance is always in demand, especially in rural areas where professional moving companies could be scarce.

Retail Delivery

Some large retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, and pet stores offer delivery driving jobs to help transport customers’ purchases to their homes. Pick up items from the store, then deliver them within a certain radius. Retailers typically provide the delivery vehicle, so you just need a clean driving record and the ability to lift packages. Retail delivery routes are often available on a part-time basis.

Seasonal Rural Side Hustles

There’re also many seasonal jobs to chose from in rural areas. Such as:

Yard Work

During the warmer months, many homeowners are too busy to keep up with mowing, weeding, and pruning. Start a lawn mowing and yard work business to help them out. You’re going to need to invest in some basic equipment like a lawnmower, weed eater, rake, and garden tools. Build up your clientele with word-of-mouth, flyers, and social media accounts advertising in your area. This type of work is ideal for high school or college students looking to earn money over the summer.


Rural areas that attract tourists often need help in the hospitality industry. Check if local hotels, resorts, parks, and activity centers are hiring for positions such as housekeepers, waitstaff, tour guides, ticket booth operators, and retail associates. These jobs typically run from spring through fall to serve the influx of visitors during peak season. The hours may be long, but the potential to earn tips and bonuses can make these roles quite lucrative. Enjoy some of the perks of living in an area that others travel to for vacation!

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