Free Cell Phone for Senior Citizens in Missouri

Free Cell Phone for Senior Citizens in Missouri

Seniors in Missouri who are looking for ways to lower their living costs have plenty of reasons to feel optimistic this year.

Last year, the state passed a law providing property tax breaks to senior citizens in participating counties. Since then several bills have been introduced to provide more clarity on its implementation. With this law, house-owning seniors will see their financial burden significantly reduced.

Not a house-owner? Don’t worry, there are plenty other perks from the government that you may be eligible for. How about access to reliable and free cell phone service, or even free cell phone? What if we tell you that you maybe able to get all these without having to commit to long-term contracts?

Rest assured, this is not a scam that’s too good to be true. To receive these exciting benefits, all you need to do is qualify for the federal Lifeline Program (Lifeline) through EASY Wireless, a trusted Lifeline participating service provider. Let’s dive into the program and explore all the perks provided by EASY Wireless to help you stay connected with your loved ones.

Introducing Lifeline program

The Lifeline program is a federal government assistance program that provides discounted cell phone services for low income families and individuals to bridge the digital divide and ensure affordable connectivity. It is part of the Universal Service Fund administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) under the direction of the FCC.

Qualifying low income seniors may purchase discounted broadband internet services from Lifeline providers. Lifeline benefits can be applied to either a stand-alone broadband/phone service plan, or a bundled phone-broadband package. Qualifying broadband service refers to a broadband speed of 25 Mbps (down)/ 3 Mbps (up).

Since the Lifeline program targets specifically at needy families and individuals, it requires all participants to rectify their eligibility each year to prevent any potential abuse of the program. You have the obligation to respond to the Lifeline Provider’s requests to rectify eligibility. Those who fail to do so will be de-rolled from the Lifeline program.

Eligibility requirements of Missouri Lifeline

Seniors in Missouri can qualify Lifeline services by meeting federal poverty guidelines or participate in certain US government benefit programs, such as Food Stamps/Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or the Supplemental Security Income (SSI), among others

You can use the Lifeline Eligibility Pre-Screening Tool to help determine your eligibility for the Lifeline program.

Lifeline benefits

In Missouri, the Lifeline benefit you can receive depends on the type of services you’ve purchased from a participating provider.

For a stand-alone landline phone service or a bundled landline phone-broadband package, eligible customers can receive a discount of $24 per month. But if you choose a a stand-alone landline broadband service, a wireless broadband service or a bundled wireless phone-broadband package, the monthly discount decreases to $9.25. For a wireless phone service, the discount is only $5.25 per month.

However, eligible low income households and individuals can only receive one Lifeline discount on either a wireline or a wireless service since FCC Rules prohibit more than one Lifeline service per household.

Application process

Eligible low income consumers can choose to apply for Lifeline benefits online, by mail or in person, depending on your preference. Make sure to prepare documents that can prove your eligibility, such as veterans administration benefits statement, social security benefits statement, and federal income tax return.

You may also seek assistance from a cell phone service provider, like EASY Wireless. They are able to help you assess your eligibility, guide you through the application process, and provide additional support you may need during the application process. You can find a Lifeline provider near you through National Verifier.

As soon as your application is approved, you can select a phone service plan from eligible Lifeline phone service plans at participating providers and enjoy the benefit. At EASY Wireless, qualifying for Lifeline means you could get access to FREE talk, text, and even free data, on one of the largest National networks.

More benefit for seniors with disabilities​

More benefit for seniors with disabilities

There are other government programs that offer similar discounted service to seniors in Missouri. One of such programs is the Disabled Program, which provides a monthly discount of $24.00 to qualifying landline consumers for voice service or a bundled voice-broadband service.

Missouri residents qualifying for both the Lifeline and Disabled program can only choose one to enroll.


You can contact your local telephone company to check if it participates in the Disabled Program. If so, they can provide you the enrollment form and provide further guidance if needed.

Get your FREE government phone service today!

While the government doesn’t hand out a free smartphone directly through the Lifeline program, participating service providers often have promotional offers that may include a free smartphone. Missouri residents that apply for the Lifeline program through EASY Wireless may be entitled to additional discounts that can make the most out of your Lifeline benefit.

Under the current arrangement, qualifying seniors for Lifeline are eligible for the EASY Wireless Unlimited Plan, which includes FREE unlimited talk, data, and text, as well as a free SIM card. If you meet specific conditions, you may also get a FREE phone.

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