Online Classes for Single Moms: A Low-cost Path to Higher Income

Online Classes for Single Moms: A Low-cost Path to Higher Income

Being a single mom does not mean you have to sacrifice every aspect of your own lives or put your own dreams on hold.

In fact, with the rapid development of online education, going to school has become easier than ever before for busy moms. Just picture this: while you’re baking something delicious and waiting for the dough to rise, you now have around 30 minutes of “me time” to continue your education.

If you are feeling frustrated because the jobs you are going after require higher qualification than your high school diploma, online education is exactly what you need. You can conveniently access various online classes using just your tablet or mobile phone, whenever you have time and wherever you may be.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of online classes and explore some of the best degree courses for single moms!

Available college degrees

Whether you are at home, in the park, or in a cafe, you can have the flexibility to invest in yourself at your own pace. More importantly, higher education or a valuable certification opens up a world of better career opportunities for single moms.

Nowadays, many colleges and schools in the United States offer a wide range of online degrees and certificates, including associate degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degree, Ph.D. or certain certifications that help you go to the next level in your financial goals.

An associate degree provides a general level of education or a solid foundational in a particular field. These degrees only require two years of study, offering a fast track for single moms who are looking to enter the workforce with useful skills.

A bachelor’s degree, on the other hand, provides a deeper level of knowledge in a specific field and requires four years of study. Graduates typically have an advantage when it comes to advancement or higher-level positions in companies. A master’s degree or a Ph.D. provides more advanced knowledge in a particular subject, opening doors to leadership roles for single moms.

Popular degree programs for single moms

Popular degree programs for single moms

Earning a degree is not solely a personal endeavor but also a long-term benefit that can profoundly impact the trajectory of your life and the lives of your children. However, before committing to any specific program, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of what you need and what you hope to achieve.

Some common considerations include your own interests, strengths, career development goals, and program flexibility. In general, programs tend to be popular among single moms include nursing, business administration, education, accounting, psychology, social work, computer science and information technology programs.

Both accounting degree and business degree can prepare you for lucrative careers such as marketing, management, and financial analyzation. Education can be appealing for single moms who desire a career that aligns with their children’s school schedules.

Psychology and social work, on the other hand, are well-suited for single mothers who are passionate about making a positive impact. With a degree in psychology or social work, you can pursue careers in counselling, social work, human resources, child welfare, or community development.

Online learning resources

Online learning resources

When it comes to continuing education online, there are numerous platforms and resources available for single moms. Many schools and colleges provide online degree options. Conducting online research with relevant key words or contact the admission office to get detailed information about the available online program, such as admission procedures, tuition fees or any support or specific requirements for single moms.

In addition, platforms like Coursera, Udemy and Khan Academy also offer a wide range of online courses from renowned colleges and universities around the world. These platforms often offer flexible schedules and both free and paid courses, allowing you to choose based on your budget and preferences. For example, if you are looking to acquire knowledge or develop skills without the need for a specific certificate or qualification, you can save money by taking free courses online.

Additional resources for single moms

Additional resources for single moms

While online degree programs are relatively cheaper than traditional education program, the financial and emotional pressures of attending college while running a household can be particularly demanding for single mothers. The good news is that you are not alone in this journey, and there are various resources to help reduce stress.

Financial aid

One of the biggest challenge of returning to college as a student is the financial burden. There are a few funding options available to cope with your educational expenses.

One option is to apply for financial assistance. You can begin by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form online, providing required personal information and your family’s latest tax details. The Department of Education will review you application and determine your Expected Family Contribution, which your school or college will use to assess the amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive.

Once you have your Expected Family Contribution determined, you can explore additional funding options such as federal student loans. The federal government offers three types of student loans: direct subsidized loans, direct unsubsidized loans and direct PLUS loans. These loans generally come with lower interest rates and more favorable repayment terms compared to commercial loans.

Scholarships and grants are another popular source of funding for college students. Many schools and colleges offer a wide range of scholarships or grants based on specific criteria. Additionally, there are private scholarships that are specifically designated for single parents or individuals from minority backgrounds. Researching and applying for these opportunities can help reduce the need for taking on excessive student loan debt.

Technological support

Reliable connectivity is a cornerstone of smooth online study experience, enabling uninterrupted access to learning materials and real-time interactions with professors and classmates.

While stable Wi-Fi and mobile network often come with high costs, there are exciting packages available to help single moms save money. If you qualify for federal programs such as Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you now are eligible for unlimited premier mobile data by signing up through EASY Wireless. And if you are living in certain states, you will also receive a FREE smartphone from EASY Wireless as part of the package, taking your online study experience to the next level.

Support group

Support groups are an additional source of encouragement for single moms who are earning degrees online. A single mom support group can provide a strong sense of community, and enable access to educational materials, networking opportunities and practical advice or guidance for career development.

If you are looking for a supportive network in your area, Single Mom University is an excellent source to consider. As the largest online life skills classroom and a leader for single mom support groups nationwide, it offers a wide range of support group options to choose from. Through their platform, you can easily find and join a single mom support group that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Online degrees offer single moms the chance to break the cycle of limited job opportunities and create a brighter future. If you feel the need to make positive changes in your life and set an example for your kids, it is always the right time to start online self-paced classes!

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