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These are the Cheapest Grocery Stores in the United States

These are the Cheapest Grocery Stores in the United States

When it comes to grocery shopping, everyone wants to know which stores offer the best deals. Grocery shopping is a weekly occurrence for most households, and the cost of these trips can quickly add up. But by making smart choices, you can find affordable options near you without sacrificing quality. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the cheapest grocery stores in the United States to help you save money on your groceries.


Aldi is a popular supermarket known for providing good quality products at low prices. They keep things simple and don’t spend extra money on fancy displays or ads. By doing this, they save on operating costs and are able to pass those savings on to you.

There are other strategies that help Aldi keep its prices so low. You have to put a quarter into their carts in order to use them, but you get it back when you return the cart. This might seem odd, but it helps Aldi stores save money and continue to sell plenty of low-costs items. They also encourage customers to bring their own shopping bags and bag their own items, which helps them save money and continue to offer customers affordable groceries.

Aldi sells a lot of products under their own brands, from fresh fruits and veggies to things you keep in your pantry. They may not have large selection compared to other big-name grocery chains, but that makes it easier to find what you need quickly and without hassle. For Aldi shoppers, getting groceries every week is a stress-free and straightforward experience.



As a department store, Walmart sells almost everything you could need, including some of the cheapest groceries around. Because they have so many stores, they can buy products in large amounts, which helps them negotiate lower prices from suppliers. This is good news for you, as these savings get passed on to customers.

The store even has a price-match guarantee, so it you find a grocery item for a lower price somewhere else, they’ll match it. Walmart also has its own brand called Great Value, under which they sell plenty of high-quality, low-cost items. You can go to their website and find the location nearest to you.

WinCo Foods

WinCo is a grocery chain in the western United States that offers affordable groceries to their customers by keeping their operational costs low. Unlike other grocery chains, WinCo embraces a no-frills model, which means they avoid spending money on fancy displays or decorations. This straightforward approach helps keep products cheap and customers happy.

Additionally, WinCo encourages customers to bag their own groceries, which eliminates the labor costs associated with bagging and further contributes to the store’s ability to sell low-cost items. The store also encourages bulk purchases by offering a wide variety of items in larger quantities for a lower per-unit cost.

Potential shoppers should note that WinCo stores do not accept credit cards. While this may seem strange, it allows them to avoid paying transaction fees to credit card companies, which means they can pass even more savings along to their customers.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s offers customers a pleasant shopping experience by balancing quality and affordability when curating their selection of items. One way that the store is able to offer value to its customers is by selling private label products. These items are produced by a third-party but sold under the Trader Joe’s brand, often for a lower cost.

The chain may not have the same low-price focus as some discount stores, but it can still be a great, affordable option for health-conscious individuals and those with certain dietary restrictions. Those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity can enjoy the store’s well-priced gluten-free options, which include everything from pancake mix to flavored muffins.

Grocery Outlet

Grocery Outlet offers shoppers a wide range of food items at steeply discounted prices. The store’s unique business model involves acquiring surplus inventory from suppliers. This allows customers to purchase brand-name items at a fraction of the cost found in traditional grocery stores.

Their no-frills approach lowers operating costs, ensuring that the savings are directly passed on to customers. With a constantly changing inventory and “WOW Deals” promotions, the store provides shoppers on a budget with the chance to discover new products and receive discounts on the ones that they already enjoy.


Costco is different from a traditional grocery store, as you have to be a member to shop there. However, the membership fee is relatively inexpensive and is only due once a year. Costco sells grocery items in bulk, which means customers can buy large quantities of an item for a lower per-unit price. This makes Costco a favorite among those with big families, but households of any size can enjoy the savings that the store offers.

Costco also has deals on grocery items regularly, allowing you to save even more money. You can also pick up household essentials after grabbing your groceries, as the store also sells laundry detergents, medications, and other goods. If a name-brand item is too expensive, you may be able to find a similar item being sold under Costco’s very own Kirkland brand for a lower price.

Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club, like Costco, charges its customers an annual membership fee in exchange for access to its high-quality selection of bulk items. The warehouse-style shopping experience and great deals make Sam’s Club a popular choice frugal shoppers.

The wholesale retailer runs weekly special and seasonal promotions, giving watchful members even more opportunities to snatch up groceries at a great price. With its focus on bulk buying and commitment to providing members with amazing deals, Sam’s Club stands out as a budget-friendly choice for those looking to save money on their grocery purchases.

Dollar Tree

Shopping at Dollar Tree can be a smart way to save money on groceries. The store sells a variety of food items, including pantry staples, snacks, and canned goods, and all of these items are sold for a low price of approximately one dollar. This low pricing simplifies budgeting and makes it hard to overspend while shopping.

Dollar Tree offers a range of generic products, which are often more affordable than their brand-name counterparts at other stores. While the selection may be more limited compared to larger grocery chains, you can still find a variety of essential items at significantly lower prices.

Food 4 Less

Food 4 Less

Shopping at Food 4 Less can help you save money on a variety of grocery staples. Their prices are lower than many other grocery stores, so you spend less while doing your regular shopping. They also keep things simple in terms of how their stores are designed, and this no-frills approach allows them to save money and pass those savings along to their customers.

They also offer digital coupons and have special deals every week, so you can save even more on items like fresh produce and pantry goods. They also sell some snack products in bulk, allowing customers to purchase large quantities and pay less per item. Overall, Food 4 helps you spend less while shopping for the food items that you love, making it a great grocery store for you to shop at while on a budget.

While searching for the best place to find cheap groceries, there are a handful of great options to consider. By exploring the budget-friendly stores mentioned in this article, you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

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