Unemployment Benefits in Oklahoma – A Guide to Get All the Help you Need!

Unemployment Oklahoma Benefits - A Guide to Get All the Help you Need - EASY Wireless

If you are unemployed, there are many ways to get through this difficult time. This article will explain everything from getting immediate help through TANF while you wait for your unemployment to come through. It includes help with free cellphone and internet services, medical help, and even rent or housing assistance information.

If you have lost your job, the payments you made in your taxes while working mean you are now entitled to receive help through unemployment benefits.

Losing a job is devastating because bills must be paid. Chances are that the money you have saved will not go far, but you don’t have to suffer as you look for work.

So, what help is available to you when you lose your job in Oklahoma? How and where do you get the help you need to survive this crisis?

Traditional Unemployment Insurance (UI)

Employment insurance offers financial support to people who have lost their jobs, or their wages have been reduced. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, your employer must have been paying unemployment insurance tax, and you must have lost your job due to no fault of your own.

Additionally, you must have earned a minimum of $15,000 before applying. You must also be willing to work and actively look for a job while you receive unemployment benefits.

What Happens When You Apply For Unemployment Benefits in Oklahoma

Once approved, you must register for work on this site, conduct two job searches, and file weekly certifications for the weeks you are unemployed.

The Oklahoma job match website matches you with suitable work to help you find a new job to start making money again.

How to apply Online for Unemployment Benefits in Oklahoma

Applying for Oklahoma unemployment Benefit is easy. Don’t hesitate to start the process and   receive the help you deserve. To register, visit the UI Oklahoma government website to verify your identity and submit the initial claim for employment.

Once approved, you must register for work on this site, conduct two job searches, and file weekly certifications for the weeks you are unemployed.

The Oklahoma job match website watches you for suitable work to start earning an income and stand on your feet.

How Long Do I have to Wait for my Unemployment Benefits?

Individuals filing for unemployment serve a one-week waiting period as per Oklahoma law (§40-2-206). You should file weekly certification and meet all eligibility requirements during this period, but no payments will be issued. Additionally, it can take up to 21 days for your benefit claims to be approved.

After you file your claim, the next step is for OESC to determine whether you are eligible for benefits. To do so, they may need to request information from other states, investigate on missing wages and request federal agency or military wages

Once eligibility is determined, it is time to review your claim to ensure you are allowed to receive benefits as per the Oklahoma employment security act. According to the US Department of Labor, the eligibility determination should be made within 21 days of your claim becoming eligible. Once they decide you should get a letter by mail with the decision and further information.

What Help Can I get when Unemployed in Oklahoma?

What Help Can I get when Unemployed in Oklahoma?

You don’t have to starve while waiting for your unemployment benefit to be approved. You can receive help in Oklahoma to help you get by before your first payment hits your account.

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That sounds unbelievable, but it is true. You can get free phone service  if you qualify for unemployment benefits.

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We understand that things may be hard due to lost wages. The free phone services you will receive from EASY Wireless will enable you to stay connected to your loved ones without spending money.

Additionally, you can use the money you would have spent on phone bills on other things as you work towards resolving working conditions. Our services are reliable, so you can talk to your family and friends without any connectivity issues.

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF is a temporary payment you can get to receive support to get you by as you wait for your unemployment claim to go through. You can receive cash assistance if you have a child in your care.

Free Medical Help in Oklahoma

All Oklahoma residents have a right to access medical services. When you lose your job, how will you afford to pay for medical bills and purchase medication? It may be hard, so Medicaid is here to sort this out for you.

Medicaid targets individuals from low-income households so they can access medical services when they fall sick. Here are people who qualify for Medicaid in Oklahoma:

  • Pregnant people
  • People with disabilities
  • People who are 65 years and older

Medicaid is not the only way to receive free medical help in Oklahoma. Various free clinics offer unemployed and low-income earners free medical services in Oklahoma.

Even before you get Medicaid or if you don’t qualify for Medicaid you can get help from a free clinic in the state of Oklahoma

You can visit these clinics and get help immediately.

Housing Assistance in Oklahoma

When you are no longer working, whether due to ill health or being laid off, paying bills and mortgages becomes challenging. If you are part of job seekers for long, you may lose your home and become homeless.

That is why the Oklahoma state and federal governments have several programs in place to help the homeless. Charity organizations also help in various ways to ensure unemployed people do not become homeless.

You can apply for help with rent and housing costs or even with help buying a home through HUD in Oklahoma.

There are also various shelters throughout the state of Oklahoma that offer emergency housing if you find yourself in a crisis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop or cancel my claim?

You can cancel your claim when you land a job. All you need to do to cancel your claim is to stop filling the weekly certifications, and no additional payments will be issued to your account.

How are unemployment benefits paid?

You will receive unemployment benefits through the debit card provided by the state’s vendor. You will receive your debit card within 14 days after filing, and you can also transfer the funds to your account.

When do I receive the benefits after filling?

Once you successfully file for Oklahoma City unemployment benefits and your claim is valid, you will receive the benefits the following day through your debit card. However, you must file the eligible weekly certifications.

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