Where to Find Birthday Stuff For Free

Where to Find Birthday Stuff For Free

Trying to find some freebies to make your next birthday bash amazing without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place. Birthdays only come once a year, so you want to make the most of the celebration without dropping tons of cash, especially if you’re on a budget.

Luckily — lots of places sell decorations, treats, activities, even gifts, and more at almost no cost. Ready to party like a rock star without paying rock star prices? In this blog post, you’re going to discover some of the best spots to find free birthday stuff so you can throw an unforgettable fete that won’t leave you with a financial hangover the next day.

Check Online Classifieds and Marketplaces

First let’s start with some basics — Marketplaces such as Craigslist and Nextdoor are goldmines to get a free birthday gift or some supplies. People are constantly posting leftover decorations, half-used supplies, or things that their kids have outgrown.

Scan the listings in the days leading up to the party. You never know what gems you could find, something like a pinata, cupcake stand, or some free dessert. Don’t be afraid to ask if items you’re interested in are still available—the worst they can say is no. And some posters may even throw in extras they have around.

Posting a Request ad

Also, you can post an “in search of ad” describing what you’re trying to find. Explain that you’re on a budget and hoping for donated or discounted items. Appeal to the generosity of others in your community. You’re going to be surprised by the responses.

Check back frequently and be ready to pick up things quickly. Hot ticket items typically go fast. And don’t forget to thank the donors—send a card or small gift to show your appreciation. Paying it forward will make them more inclined to help out next year or support another family in need.

Look for Free Samples and Promotions

Look for Free Samples and Promotions

If you’re on a budget but still want to celebrate, don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to find free birthday treat.

Check Daily Deal Sites

Sites such as Groupon or Living Social offer daily deals on experiences, products and services in your area. Set a deal alert for “birthday” or “party supplies” to get notifications when related offers pop up. Many are 50-90% off, so you could get your friend or family a free drink or free slice of pizza

Search for Free Samples and Coupons

Companies often give away samples and full-size products to promote their brand. Search “birthday freebies” and the current year to find offers from party supply stores or bakeries to find some free birthday dessert. Sign up for their mailing lists to get coupons and exclusive offers in your inbox.

Check Your Local Party Supply Store

Many party supply stores run weekly promotions and giveaways. Stop by your local store to check for free or discounted merchandise, or check if they have any leftover supplies from a recent event. Some may be willing to donate or discount items if you explain it’s for a birthday party on a budget.

DIY Decorations and Crafts

DIY Decorations and Crafts

Can’t find anything online? DIY decorations and crafts are another great way to save money on a birthday party. Get creative and make some decorations at home. People typically appreciate the personal touch.


Balloons are a birthday staple. Pick up a pack of balloons in the birthday child’s favorite color or get an assortment of colors to match the party theme. Blow them up yourself and tie them to chairs, mailboxes, staircases, or cluster them together for an archway.


Crepe paper streamers are inexpensive and festive. Twist and drape them along walls or staircases. Get creative with different colors and widths for maximum impact. Secure in place with tape or staples.


A homemade banner is easy to make and will make a big statement. Get felt or cardstock and make letters to spell “Happy Birthday!” or the birthday child’s name. Glue the letters onto ribbon, string or twine and hang up. For a quicker option, decorate plain paper bags or fabric and string them together.


A simple centerpiece completes the look of any party table. Grab a container like a vase, jar or bowl and fill it with tissue paper, streamers, confetti or small toys and treats that match the party theme. Place a candle in the center for the perfect crowning touch.

Cake Topper

A homemade cake topper is a special touch that shows you put thought into the details. Get craft supplies like felt, buttons, ribbons and string to make letters for the birthday child’s name or age. You can also decorate wooden letters or shapes for an easy DIY topper. Your birthday friend or family member will surely appreciate such a heartfelt detail on their special cake.

Birthday Food

Whipping up a free meal is a great idea when trying to find affordable birthday stuff. You could find a recipe for a free birthday burger, some free ice cream, or a free appetizer for birthday dinner like some free chips or garlic bread.

With some basic supplies and imagination, you could create fun and memorable decorations for a birthday party. Your guests are sure to be impressed with your DIY skills and the birthday child will appreciate your effort in adding a personal touch. Save your money for the presents and keep costs low with homemade decor and crafts.

Ask Friends and Family for Hand-Me-Downs

Ask Friends and Family for Hand-Me-Downs

Asking friends and family members if they have any hand-me-downs is a great way to score free stuff. Chances are, someone you know has leftover party goods from their kid’s birthday bash that they’d be happy to give you.

Check With Fellow Parents

Parents of young children often have extra supplies on hand. Check your kids’ friends’ parents, parents from playgroups or sports teams, neighbors with kids, or your own family members with children if they have any leftover plates, cups, banners, centerpieces or anything else you need. Most will be happy to pass them on to you rather than throw them away.


Check your parent’s or grandparent’s attics or basements to find leftover decorations from your own childhood parties. They may have boxes of unused plates, cups, banners, candles or small toys that would be perfect for a kid’s birthday. Vintage-style decorations are trendy now, so retro items from decades past can add a nostalgic touch.

Visit Thrift Shops

Thrift stores often have a selection of used party decorations, supplies and favors that were donated after just one use. You could find bundles of latex balloons, decorative paper plates and cups, banners, centerpieces and small toys or treats to use as party favors. Give any items a good wash or wipe down before using and you’ll have a perfectly coordinated birthday theme at a fraction of the cost.

With some digging around, you can gather everything you need for a memorable birthday bash without spending a dime. Don’t be afraid to ask around—your friends and family will likely be thrilled to help make a child’s birthday special.

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