Where to Find Free Clothes

where to find free clothes

Need to refresh your wardrobe but don’t want to spend a fortune? Finding free clothes is possible, you just need to know where to look! This guide will share where to find free clothing, both online and in your local community.

With the right resources, you can score free clothes for the whole family. Gently used items, clothing swaps, church and nonprofit programs, and online groups make it easy to access free apparel. Read on to start gathering new-to-you clothes!

Places to Find Free Clothes Online

The internet opens up numerous possibilities for sourcing free garments. Here are top online spots to look for free clothes.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups focused on free items and community sharing are a great source of free clothing. Search for “<your city> Buy Nothing” groups, as well as more localized neighborhood groups. You can also find specialty groups like “Free Kids Clothes” and “Free Baby Items.”

In these groups, members offer up items of free used clothes they no longer need. Simply comment on a clothing listing to express interest. Oftentimes items are first-come, first-served, but some hosts will do random drawings. Stay active in the groups to catch newly listed free clothes.


Check the free section on Craigslist to find clothing being given away in your area. Use search filters like “clothing” or specific garment types to narrow down the amount entirely free clothing listings. Just be sure to arrange a public meeting spot when picking up items.


Swap.com allows users to trade their pre-loved clothing with other members. To get started, list at least one item you’re willing to swap. As you receive swap offers, you can refresh your closet with new-to-you pieces.


Similar to Swap.com, Rehash is an online platform for swapping used clothing with other users. Once signed up, list items you want to trade. When you get an offer, you can coordinate a clothing swap with another member.

Brand/Store Referral Programs

Many clothing brands and online shops offer referral programs that reward you for promoting them. Referral perks often come as site credit or discounts off your next order. Check sites like ThredUp for current referral deals.

Ways to Get Free Clothes In Your Local Community

Ways to Get Free Clothes In Your Local Community

Don’t overlook free clothing options in your own community clothes closet or backyard. Here are local places to find free clothes.

Thrift Stores

Organizations like Goodwill and The Salvation Army offer quality secondhand clothing at affordable prices. While not free, costs are minimal. Check frequently as inventory changes daily when new donations come in. Check their sites or use Google to find a store near you.

Clothing Banks and Closets

Nonprofits and churches often operate clothing banks or clothing closets providing free clothes to those in need. Local organizations like Operation Warm even focus specifically on getting new coats, shoes, and other necessities to underprivileged individuals.

Church Drives and Assistance

Churches frequently run clothing drives and distributions providing free clothes to community members. Some may require proof of need or attendance at services. Reach out to churches near you to learn about assistance programs.

Nonprofit Organizations

National nonprofits like Dress for Success offer professional work attire for job interviews. Other organizations provide school uniforms, casual clothes, special occasion clothing, and more. Search for nonprofits addressing the specific clothing needs you have.

School Donation Programs

Many schools organize clothing donations and distributions to help provide free clothes for students in need. Public school systems may connect families to these resources. Check to see if there are school-based options in your area.

Community Centers

Local community centers, especially those serving lower-income areas, will often collect clothing donations. They frequently distribute these items or make them available to families in need.

Tips for Finding the Best Free Clothes

Tips for Finding the Best Free Clothes

Use these top tips to improve your chances of scoring quality free clothing items:

Check Often

Donations come in daily, so check back frequently at local thrift stores and clothing banks for the best selection. New items may arrive any day of the week.

Consider Gently Used

Focusing on like-new and gently used clothing will be low cost and provide you with more options. Items often still have plenty of wear left.

Know Your Size

Have your measurements handy so you can quickly spot free clothing likely to fit. Makes browsing quicker and more efficient.

Take Your Time

Be willing to invest some time browsing the racks. Finding buried treasures takes a bit of patience.

Bring a Friend

Having a friend along makes digging through options more fun. Plus they can give you feedback on items.

Start a Clothing Swap for Free Clothes

Hosting a clothing swap party is a fun way to exchange free clothes with friends. Here are some tips:

1. Set Ground Rules

Decide how many items each guest should bring. 10-15 is ideal to allow for variety.

2. Send Invitations

Get the word out via social media, email, text and word-of-mouth. Share date, time, and location.

3. Categorize Items

Have guests sort clothing into sections like tops, dresses, pants, etc. to stay organized.

4. Allow Time to Browse

Before swapping begins, let guests browse all the items up for grabs.

5. Take Turns Choosing

Allow guests to pick items one at a time in a circle until all clothes find new homes.

6. Add Fun and Food

Provide snacks, music, and make it a social event. This encourages guests to participate again next time.

sell own clothes

Sell Your Own Used Clothes

If you’re looking to declutter, consider selling some of your used or unwanted clothing and items:

Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist

List quality used designer clothing you no longer need on these sites. Price competitively and promote the listings.

Clothing Swap Sites

Rather than selling, you can trade your old items for something new-to-you using swap platforms.

Thrift and Consignment Stores

Take your used clothes and accessories to thrift and consignment shops. They’ll pay you cash or store credit for purchased items.

Ways to Save on New Clothes Purchases

When you do need to buy new clothes, use these savings tips:

Shop Clearance Racks

Check the sales sections first and look for special markdowns on out of season items.

Use Coupons and Promo Codes

Never pay full price if you can avoid it. Look for coupons and promo codes to apply at checkout.

Try Cash-Back Apps and Sites

Apps like Rakuten give you cash back when you shop at hundreds of stores. This can offset clothing costs.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Purchase retailer gift cards at a discount on sites like CardCash before you shop to maximize savings.

Get a Retail Job for the Employee Discount

Work part-time at discount clothing stores like Kohl’s, Ross, TJ Maxx, or Old Navy to get an employee discount. Also take advantage of any friends and family discount days. The holiday season is a great time to apply as retail stores staff up with seasonal hires.

children free clothes

Finding Free Clothes for Children

Children grow quickly, so their clothing needs can add up. Take advantage of these tips and resources to access free kids clothes in great condition.

School Donation Drives

Many local schools organize clothing drives where families can receive donated kids items based on need. Contact your school district or child’s teacher to learn if such programs exist. Schools will often hold fall clothing drives to ensure students have proper coats, shoes, and uniforms for the year. Teachers may keep extra clothing on hand for accidents or spills as well. Don’t hesitate to inquire discreetly about possible other clothing assistance programs.

Nonprofit Organizations

National and local nonprofit groups run programs providing free clothing essentials to children in low-income families. For example, Operation Warm partners with laundromats, schools, and community centers to distribute new winter coats each year so all kids can stay warm. Organizations like Shoes That Fit work with school social workers to provide children with free properly fitted shoes. Search for similar nonprofits in your region.

Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups dedicated to free kids clothing and items in your local community. Fellow parents will often post clothing that their children have outgrown or no longer need. Everything from everyday playwear to dress clothes for special occasions can be found. Even school uniforms are commonly offered.

These groups provide a great way to receive quality, gently used clothes as area children grow and change sizes. Be sure to pay the generosity forward by donating what no longer fits your own kids.

Shop Thrift and Consignment Stores

Children’s thrift stores and consignment sales offer lightly used clothes at huge discounts. Items often come from more affluent families, resulting in name brand pieces in great shape. Take time to dig through the racks since treasures are often buried under less desirable garments.

Try coordinating shopping trips with the change of seasons to score items like winter coats and school clothes for pennies on the dollar.

Community Organizations

Churches, community centers, family shelters, and organizations serving low-income youth will frequently provide clothing assistance. For example, a community center may distribute donated kids clothes to families in the neighborhood facing financial struggles. While availability depends on donations, it’s worthwhile reaching out to find out if such resources exist locally.

Check out FindHelp.org to locate organizations near you.

Organize Clothing Exchanges

Parenting groups in schools or churches will sometimes organize children’s clothing swaps or grow-with-me drives. This allows parents to trade outgrown kids’ clothing within the group. Develop a network with other parents to exchange clothing as your children change sizes. Trading kids’ clothes that still have plenty of wear helps the whole community reduce child rearing costs.

With some persistence and creativity, you can access quality free clothes for children. Checking all of these avenues takes a time investment but pays off when you secure items your child needs. Don’t be afraid to utilize local support organizations so your children can have proper school attire and everyday essentials.

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The Possibilities are Endless for Free Clothes

As you can see, the options for scoring free clothing are almost endless when you know where to look. Shopping secondhand, participating in exchanges, utilizing nonprofit resources, and finding online freebies are all great ways to refresh your wardrobe on a budget.

With a little work, you can access clothing for the whole family including professional attire, school uniforms, winter coats, and everyday essentials. Keep this guide handy and check back regularly on these resources. Your next great outfit could be just one donation or posting away!

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