Where to Find Free Furniture – How to Get Items at No Cost

where to find free furniture

Furnishing your home can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right resources, you can find free furniture locally and online. Gently used hand-me-downs, yard sale and thrift store scores, nonprofit donations, and community exchanges make it possible to get chairs, sofas, tables, bed frames, and more at no cost.

This guide will share how to find free furniture, plus tips for inspecting used pieces and even getting new items on the cheap. Read on to discover all the ways to furnish your place for free!

Online Places to Find Free Furniture

The internet opens up new possibilities for sourcing free furniture. Here are some top online spots to find free furniture.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows users to buy and sell items locally. Alongside listings for furniture on sale, you can also find pieces being given away for free. Search for your city or zip code to browse listings for free furniture near you. Act fast if you see a free sofa or table you like, as free stuff goes quickly on Marketplace.


Check the free section on Craigslist for furniture being offered at no cost by people in your area. Use the search bar for terms like “free furniture” or specific pieces like “free couch” to filter results. The selection varies based on geographic location and timing, but persistence pays off. You may find great free scores from people moving or upgrading their furnishings.


Freecycle is an online exchange where users can find free items locally. After creating a free account, browse the free offerings posted in your region. Furniture is frequently available as people declutter and upgrade their homes. You can also post requests for specific pieces you need.


Nextdoor is a social network for communicating with neighbors. Check the free section to find furniture, and use the search feature to look for specific pieces. Results will show options in your immediate vicinity. This makes coordinating free furniture pick-up quick and convenient.

Furniture Swap Groups

Facebook groups focused on furniture swapping and exchanges are a good source of free-to-you pieces. People trade items they no longer need to get “new” furnishings at no cost. It takes some coordination but saves money versus buying retail.

local sources

Local Sources of Free Furniture

In addition to online options, free furniture can also be found around your own community:

Yard Sales

Yard and garage sales offer used furniture at great prices. Watch for sales nearing their end-time and offer to take remaining large pieces of discarded furniture off the seller’s hands for free. They may be tired of lugging unsold items back inside and willing to part with them.

Thrift Stores

Swing by local thrift stores and ask if they have any old furniture or items they’d be willing to give away for free. Sometimes large overstocked pieces or returns can be had for free or deeply discounted. Offering to haul away big items can also get you free furniture.

Some of the larger non-profits have their own thrift stores and may even post online.

  • The Salvation Army
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStores

Check out their sites for locations or FindHelp.org for locations in your local area.

College Campuses

Do you live near a college town?

When students move out at the end of semesters, perfectly good unwanted furniture often gets left behind. Take a drive through off-campus housing and apartment complexes during move-out week to find great free scores. Just make sure unattended items are indeed trash versus someone’s possessions.

Before move-out day post signs around campus offering to remove furniture from the student’s home. This is a great way to get free furniture and have a large selection to choose from.

Church and Nonprofit Donations

Churches, charities, and community organizations often collect furniture donations for those in need. Reach out to groups near you to learn about assistance programs distributing free furniture to qualifying individuals and families. Some may have applications, while others simply donate on a first-come basis.

Friends, Family, and Social Networks

Make posts on your own social media accounts asking if anyone has free furniture available. Also ask friends and family directly if they have any unused furnishings or unwanted items you could have. Many people have extra tables, chairs free beds, or couches taking up space that they’d gladly part with.

furniture banks

Free Furniture Banks

Furniture banks are nonprofit organizations that provide household furnishings to those in need. They accept donated furniture from community members which is then distributed for free to individuals and families facing hardship. Furniture banks help ensure people can make a house into a home.

What They Provide

Furniture banks typically offer all the basics to furnish an entire home. This includes:

  • Beds, mattresses, and bedroom furniture
  • Living room seating and tables
  • Dining sets and kitchen furnishings
  • Dressers, desks, and other furniture
  • Home accessories like lamps and rugs

Who Qualifies for Help

Furniture banks serve low-income individuals, families, veterans, victims of domestic abuse, refugees, formerly homeless, and others in need. Those facing financial crisis, natural disasters, or other struggles can work with social services to qualify. Students aging out of foster care also commonly receive furnishings.

How to Find a Local Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank Association of North America allows you to search for furniture banks by state. Their website lists hundreds of participating locations across the US and Canada.

You can also search online for “furniture bank” plus your city or state to find local options. Larger metro areas typically have multiple furniture banks serving the region. Check eligibility requirements and application processes which vary by provider. Then reach out to begin receiving free furniture and household items.

Buying Discounted Damaged Furniture

Retailers also sell discounted furniture with minor imperfections or customer returns cheap furniture that can’t be sold as new. This presents budget-friendly options for major savings off regular prices when buying furniture.

Floor Models and Returns

National chains like Ashley Furniture, Raymour & Flanigan, and Rooms To Go often sell floor models at a steep discount. These pieces may have light scuffs only visible up close. Returns are also deeply reduced, even if barely used. Call or visit local furniture stores and ask what marked down inventory is available.

Buy the Display

Offer to buy floor displays to get even better pricing. For example, the sofa on display may have a rip underneath out of sight. If you’re willing to place it strategically and hide flaws, you can get up to 70% off.

Inspect for Damage

Thoroughly inspect any discounted furniture for damage. Make sure it looks attractive from the visible angles that will be on display in your home. Minor imperfections that will be hidden against a wall or under cushions can score major savings.

inspect furniture

Inspecting Used Furniture for Pests

When acquiring used furniture, take proper precautions to avoid bringing home pests:

Check All Crevices

Carefully examine seams, crevices, and hiding spots for signs of bed bugs, which appear as small dark stains or spots. Use a flashlight to illuminate every nook and cranny. Don’t take any furniture with potential pest issues.

Focus on Upholstery

Pull back cushions and fabric to closely inspect the undersides and innards of upholstered furniture like couches and chairs. These areas are prone to harboring bed bugs, eggs, and waste droppings.

Inspect Outside

When possible, thoroughly go over furniture outside in daylight before loading and bringing home to avoid transporting pests indoors. Outside inspection also keeps your home pest-free.

Isolate New Furniture

Once home, quarantine new used furniture away from other household items for a few days. This allows you to spot any emerging pest issues before they spread.

Save Money Shopping for New Furniture

For items you must purchase new, use these tips to get the lowest prices:

Find Sales and Promotions

Check newspapers, websites, and retailers for upcoming sales on furniture, especially around holidays. Promotions like 15% off or $100 off $500 can add up to major savings.

Use Cash Back and Loyalty Programs

Online cash back through Rakuten and loyalty programs like Shop Your Way help you earn money back to offset furniture costs. Credit cards with rewards points also provide statement credits for purchases.

Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Gift cards bought at a discount from sites like CardCash effectively lower the final price of furniture. A $100 gift card bought for $85 means you save $15 off the purchase price.

Redeem Rewards Points

Cash in points from rewards sites like Swagbucks toward gift cards usable at furniture retailers. Redemptions offset the real cash price. This turns earned points into free household furnishings.

additonal way

Additional Ways for Low Income Families to Afford Great Furniture

Finding free furniture is a great way to save the family budget. There are also some quick ways to earn or save extra money.

  • Donate Plasma
  • Save money by cooking at home
  • Get a side hustle in your spare time
  • Gas rewards that pay cash
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The Possibilities are Endless for Free Furniture

As you can see, the options for getting free furniture are almost limitless when you know where to search. Online marketplaces, community groups, thrift stores, nonprofits, friends and family, local storage facilities and retailers all provide ways to furnish your home for free or very affordably.

With some persistence and creativity, you can find good quality used couches, tables, bed frames, dressers, and more at no cost. Use this guide to locate free furniture locally and online so you can get the essentials you need and stay within your budget. Happy treasure hunting!

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