Free Daycare For Single Mothers

Free Daycare For Single Mothers

With runaway inflation, even American families with two incomes often are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet. Now imagine those who have to do it with just a one-income source! For many single mothers who have to pay for childcare expenses while not knowing if they will be receiving child support, life sometimes is beyond difficult.

If you are a single mother in the U.S. who have been google searching “free child care assistance near me”, you don’t have to search for more. This article will show you where and how to find reliable and quality daycare services in this country that are free or at no cost to single-parent families.

Even better, there are also grants and other resources focusing on helping you as a single mother or primary caregiver. Remember, you don’t have to deal with the challenges alone.

So get ready as we explain these valuable resources that can help change your life one by one. Let’s get started.

How and Where To Get Help?

How and Where To Get Help?

As a single mom, your child’s day-to-day life is your sole responsibility. Often times, you are facing a never-ending to-do list that barely allows you to sit down to enjoy a proper meal. This can result in stress and fatigue. That is why, having reliable and affordable child care services for your children can definitely ease your workload.

But the sad news is, many American families are finding themselves unable to afford licensed child care. The situation is even harder for one-income household, i.e. single-parent families.

Luckily, the U.S. government acknowledges the high demand for child care and have diverted massive funding and resources to improve the situation. Whether it is at city-level or state-level child care assistance, local charitable organizations, or national wide programs, you will be able to find your local child care assistance close to where you live.

State-Funded Child Care Assistance Programs – Full List of 50 States in the U.S.

America is a big country, and that’s why you may find resources and information relating to your local child care resources both scattered and confusing.

But you need not worry. Below is the latest and completed list of child care assistance in the 50 states of America. You will find this to be a very useful list.

Many states help their low income families afford child care through these different programs:

  • Prekindergarten Programs
  • School-Age Child Care and Camp Programs
  • Child Care Options for Military Families
  • Informal In-Home Child Care
Free or Low Cost Daycare Options

Free or Low Cost Daycare Options

Head Start

Head Start is a federal program that provides educational and healthcare services to children from birth to 5 from low income families. They help a lot of single mothers who struggle to prepare children to go to kindergarten. Head Start also helps eligible families to find quality child care for free or at very low cost while they go to work.

Head Start program is free for children whose family income is at or below the federal poverty level. A family may be eligible for their services if it is the recipient of public assistance, Supplemental Security Income, or foster care placement. The program is also available to children with disabilities and other special needs.

To apply, use the Head Start Center Locator and locate the local center and program serving your community. They will answer all your questions and provide you with the enrollment forms. You can also contact them by calling 1-866-763-4681 (toll-free).

Early Head Start

Early Head Start is similar to Head Start except they are set up for infants and toddlers. They support pregnant women as well as families with children younger than 3 years old. The program provides resources for low-income and/or children with disabilities and special needs.

Same as Head Start, eligible families need to either meet the federal low-income guidelines or be participants of certain public assistance programs.

Explore the details of Early Head Start program from the Office of Head Start. Use their Head Start Center Locator to find their center at your location or call them at 1-866-763-4681 (toll-free).


YMCA offers early childhood learning and childcare programs for infants and preschoolers across the country. They have both part-time, full-time, and after-school programs that support the need of your schedule, whether you are a single mom working full-time, remotely, or having a hybrid work schedule.

Find a YMCA location near you and ask about their child care programs and requirements.

Some YMCA fitness centers offer free “Workout Child Watch”. That allows caregivers to drop off children at their center for some educational session while the adult can make use of their fitness facilities for free. Find one of these fitness centers near you and have your training shoes ready!

The Child Care Access Program

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS) helps single mothers who are pursuing education and need childcare services. Low-income parents can attend college or universities while their children are cared for on campus. The grants are distributed to eligible applicants for four years of schooling. Visit this page of the U.S. Department of Education website for more information about the Child Care Access Program.

Child and Dependent Care Credit programs

The Child and Dependent Care Credit program is a tax credit that you may receive on your federal income tax return. You are eligible if you have cared for a dependent, such as a child or a mentally or physically impaired adult.

View the additional qualifications on the IRS website and consider finding a tax professional. There is more information on the IRS website and forms to download.

Other Grants Available For Single Moms in the U.S.

Other Grants Available For Single Moms in the U.S.

The U.S. government redistributes resources to eligible recipients in various ways. There are many grants or assistances focus on helping single parent. Other than well known welfare benefits such as food stamps/SNAP, WIC, Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP), Medicaid, there are many other grants program available to single mothers.

Grants are monetary awards offered to recipients for specific purposes. Many federal grant programs do not focus on individuals. They award funding to organizations that help people in need, such as single mothers. However, some grant programs do provide funding for individuals to pursue specific activities.

Below are examples of grants that single mothers find useful:

  1. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – safety net for very low-income families. This program helps needy families to achieve self-sufficiency through short-term financial assistance and work opportunities.
  2. Diversion Cash Assistance – often known as Emergency Cash Assistance, provides single parents one-time grant of up to $1,000 to deal with an emergency or minor crisis. Grant amounts may vary depending on the severity of the financial crisis.
  3. National School Lunch Program – free lunches or discounted meals are provided to eligible students whose family income levels fall under the poverty guidelines. To make nutritious and inexpensive meals available for all students with different family backgrounds.
  4. Lifeline Program – The program helps low-income families afford connectivity and gain unlimited phone and internet access. Through government funding, they provide phone data or home broadband to individuals or families for FREE or at a minimal cost. This is actually a fantastic deal as free and unlimited data opens the door to many more resources and assistance you may get for yourself and your children. What is a better way to save money while getting help easily and quickly at the same time?

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