How to Get Fast, EASY & Free Government Smartphones in Wyoming

How to Get Fast, EASY & Free Government Smartphones in Wyoming - EASY Wireless

Chances are high that you’ve heard of free government smartphones in Wyoming and are curious about how to get one.

And if you’ve done an online search, you’ve probably come across cell phone companies offering the service.

This can be a bit confusing, as these companies aren’t taking you to government websites. So how do you go about finding a free government smartphone?

This guide answers that question and more.

Can I Actually Get a Free Smartphone From the Government?

Though it’s referred to as a free government cell phone, it is not actually provided by the government. Instead, the government provides a program called the Affordable Connectivity Program or ACP.

If you qualify for the ACP program, the government provides a monthly service discount that you receive through a home internet provider or through a cell phone company. The benefit allows these companies to equip consumers with free or discounted monthly internet service. For cell providers like EASY Wireless, it allows the company to provide free monthly talk, text, and data service and a free cell phone.

How to Find Free Government Smartphones in Wyoming

How to Find Free Government Smartphones in Wyoming

EASY Wireless provides free smartphones and free cell phone service to Wyoming residents through the ACP program. We aim to get you connected as soon as possible and provide you with the best service.

Why choose EASY Wireless? We work hard to get your phone to you sooner. And EASY Wireless runs on America’s Largest, Fastest, and Most Reliable Network, making sure you stay connected with the service you need.

We also provide two different plans to cater to your specific needs. Plan 1 is our FREE Smartphone Plan. This is dedicated to those who need a phone, in addition to monthly service. If you choose this plan, you will get:

  • FREE Monthly Talk and Text
  • And FREE Monthly 5 GB of Data

Plan 2 is dedicated to eligible consumers who already have a phone they wish to keep. If you choose this plan, you can keep both your phone and your number while receiving:

  • FREE Unlimited Talk and Text
  • And a FREE Sim Card

The ACP program offers one monthly service discount for internet per household, which helps many consumers get internet for free. Learn more about this here or by calling our team at (877) 476-3451.

Applying for ACP Benefits Through EASY Wireless

The most important step in the entire process is ensuring that you are eligible for ACP benefits. Eligibility is determined through either your household income or participation in federal assistance programs, such as:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  • Pell grant awards
  • Women, Infant, and Children (WIC)
  • Medicaid
  • Federal public housing assistance
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

It’s not difficult to determine if you qualify. Our goal is to make the process as EASY as possible for you. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Put your information into the box below and hit “Enroll Now.” You’ll be taken to an application.


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2. Select the particular service plan from above that you wish to receive. Remember, you can either keep your phone or get a new one.

3. Fill out all the information boxes, and then choose how you want your eligibility determined. You can either choose one of the options listed or hit “More Option” if your program is not listed or you prefer to qualify with your income.

4. For most people – especially those participating in a program – your eligibility will automatically be determined through the Federal Government’s National Verifier website. In short, this website can pull proof of your participation in some federal programs. If verification isn’t automatic, you’ll be asked to upload documentation of eligibility or income.

5. EASY Wireless will email you within one business day to keep you up-to-date on your application status. As soon as it’s approved, your phone will be on its way and your phone service will begin.

There’s no need to wait. Click to enroll below so you can get started with your free phone and phone service!

Free Government Smartphones in Wyoming FAQs

What type of documentation will I need to provide?

If you’re not automatically verified, you’ll need to provide basic documentation of income or program participation. To qualify through programs, you’ll simply need the award letters from the organization. For income verification, you can use the prior year’s tax returns, three months of pay stubs, and even court papers stating income, such as divorce papers.

How long can I get this service?

As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, we are a participating provider, and the ACP program is still in existence, you can continue to receive  this free service. There is no set time limit for how long you can receive benefits.

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

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