How to Get Free Government Internet Services in New Mexico

How to Get Free Government Internet Services in New Mexico - EASY Wireless

Free internet service is now available in New Mexico! You can now connect to your loved ones with free internet when you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) with EASY Wireless.

Using the internet is no longer just for fun. It has become part of the fabric of our daily life. We need the internet for everything from our daily dose of social media to getting medical attention. Not having a reliable network can mean not staying in touch with loved ones or losing out on work.

Fortunately, the government invested billions of dollars to help an estimated 48 million households access fast and reliable internet services.

This resulted in the launch of the Affordable Connectivity Program.

EASY Wireless is proud to be a provider of the Affordable Connectivity Program..

In this article, we’ll walk you through all you need to do to get free internet service in New Mexico.

What is the ACP Program?

The ACP is a government program launched recently to help people struggling with their internet bills. The ACP has brought the following benefits to American households in need:

  1. Improved internet speed and availability, especially in rural areas
  2. Allows people who cannot get service elsewhere to have internet because it does not require credit checks
  3. Helps low income households receive  access to resources without having to pay for internet data.

What Benefits Come With the ACP Free Internet Service? - EASY Wireless

What Benefits Come With the ACP Free Internet Service?

EASY Wireless is one of the approved network providers for the ACP program in New Mexico. So, if you’re in New Mexico, you can quickly get your free phone service and data. EASY Wireless will deliver your universal sim card right to your doorstep.

If you already have a smartphone but are struggling with data bills we have the deal for you.

Thankfully, EASY Wireless is here to help you regardless of your needs. The following offer is available to you if you qualify for the ACP  in New Mexico. 

EASY Wireless Free Unlimited Plan

  • FREE Unlimited Talk
  • FREE Unlimited Text
  • Keep Your Phone & Number
  • FREE SIM Card & Activation

Also, we have top-notch customer service and universal 4G sim cards. That means you’re now safe from using unsecured public internet since you’ll now have your own wherever you go.

Am I Eligible For the Free Internet Service in New Mexico? - EASY Wireless

Am I Eligible For the Free Internet Service in New Mexico?

You can be eligible for free internet service in New Mexico in two ways. First, if you  already benefit from other government assistance services, or secondly if you earn under the allowed income.

Qualifying for the ACP through EASY Wireless and receiving free internet service is easy if you benefit from these government aid programs.

On the other hand, if you don’t qualify for the above-listed government assistance programs, you can check if your annual income allows you to qualify for the ACP on the chart below.

For households with over 8 members, add $9440 for each additional member.

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

Also, EASY Wireless needs you to confirm your identity to get the ACP free internet services in New Mexico. You can use any of the following documents for identification.

  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Government, State or Tribal issued-ID
  • U.S. Military ID cards
  • Permanent Resident Cards
  • Permanent Resident Alien Cards

To qualify through the annual income level, upload a copy of your most recent state or federal tax returns on our website or send it by post. You can also upload your last three months of pay stubs.

EASY Wireless staff is ready to answer questions through web chat or call any time.

Get Your Free Government Services in New Mexico Now

EASY Wireless has over 20 years of experience helping people stay connected. Also, through the ACP program, we can give you free smartphone service and data. and connect you to all the hotspot locations in New Mexico for free.

We aim to ensure that all New Mexico residents can easily keep close contact with their loved ones. Our friendly staff is willing to guide you through the process smoothly.

To join us on America’s fastest and most reliable network enter your zip code and email today!

Start Saving Today!


Start Saving Today!

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