Where to Find a Homeless Shelter Stillwater OK

Where to Find a Homeless Shelter Stillwater OK

So you’ve found yourself in a tough spot without a place to call home. Stillwater could seem like a small college town without many resources, but there are more options and services for the homeless here than you might think. In this blog post, we’re exploring the different shelters, food pantries, and assistance programs available so you could get back on your feet.

With info on everything from temporary housing to job training services, you’re going to learn about local organizations ready to help as well as tips for staying safe and healthy while homeless in Stillwater. Though the road ahead is long, you don’t have to walk it alone.

Local Emergency Homeless Shelters in Stillwater

First — let’s talk about what to do in an emergency.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army in Stillwater operates an emergency shelter with beds for single men, single women, and families. They provide things such as warm meals, showers, laundry facilities, and case management services to help people find jobs and permanent housing. The shelter is open every day of the year, and stays are limited to 5-7 days at a time.

Community Outreach

Stillwater Community Outreach manages a cold weather shelter from December to February for homeless individuals and families. The shelter provides beds, meals, and case management for people with nowhere else to go during the winter. Stays are limited to the cold weather months when temperatures drop below freezing.

Freezing Nights, Inc.

Freezing Nights runs an emergency cold weather shelter from December through March. They provide temporary shelter, meals, and necessities for homeless individuals during periods of extreme cold. The shelter aims to prevent loss of life due to exposure during winter. Stays are limited to nights when temperatures are below 40 degrees.

Homelessness Prevention

The Homelessness Prevention Program provides emergency rent and utility assistance for people facing eviction or loss of utilities in their home. They can help pay for rent, security deposits, and utility bills for those unable to pay due to circumstances beyond their control. The program aims to prevent homelessness by keeping people in their own housing during financial crises. Funding is limited, so applicants must meet income requirements and show ability to pay going forward.

Rapid Re-Housing Program in Stillwater

The Rapid Re-Housing program in Stillwater provides temporary financial assistance and case management for people who’re experiencing homelessness. The goal is to help you find a place to live as quickly as possible.

Financial Assistance

The program offers short-term rental assistance, such as help paying for security deposits, rent, utility bills or moving costs. The amount of assistance depends on your needs and eligibility. Typically, it’s available for 3-24 months.

To qualify, you must have an income source to show you can afford rent after the assistance ends. The program aims to prevent homelessness by providing just enough aid so you can get back on your feet.

Case Management

A case manager works with you to develop a personalized housing stability plan. They can connect you with good job opportunities, educational programs or counseling services in the area to help increase your income and build life skills.


To qualify for Stillwater’s Rapid Re-Housing program, you must be homeless according to HUD’s definition. The program gives priority to people with the greatest needs, such as veterans, youth and families.

Apply for the program by contacting local homeless outreach groups like Sunshine Shelter or by visiting Stillwater’s Community Development office. They evaluate your eligibility and situation to determine if rapid re-housing is the best fit. With the right motivation and determination, the Rapid Re-Housing program in Stillwater can be your stepping stone to long-term housing stability and independence.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing provides temporary housing for up to 2 years for homeless individuals and families. The goal is to provide stability and support so you can find permanent supportive housing. Several options for transitional housing exist in Stillwater.

Stillwater Transitional Living Center

The Stillwater Transitional Living Center offers furnished apartments for up to 18 months. They provide case management services to help residents find work as well as housing. Basic needs like food, clothing, and transportation assistance are also available. To qualify, you must be homeless or at risk of homelessness and able to live independently.

Stillwater Veterans Transitional Housing

The Veterans Assistance Foundation has transitional housing specifically for currently homeless veterans. They offer furnished apartments, case management, and access to VA benefits. The program helps veterans address health, substance abuse, and mental health issues. The goal is to provide stability so veterans can reconnect with family, find employment, and transition to permanent housing. Homeless veterans can apply with the VA’s homeless programs.

Mission of Hope Food Distribution Center Stillwater OK​

Mission of Hope Food Distribution Center Stillwater OK

The Mission of Hope Food Distribution Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma aims to provide nutritious groceries and meals for homeless and low-income individuals in the community. The food center runs several initiatives to help those in need of food.

Their food pantry program provides groceries for homeless and low-income families and individuals to cook meals at home. The Meals on Wheels program delivers meals to elderly or disabled residents unable to shop or cook for themselves. The summer lunch program provides lunches for children during school breaks.

Additional Services

In addition to food assistance, the Mission of Hope offers emergency services such as clothing, hygiene items, and transportation. They also have an education and job skills training program to help residents improve their situation. Volunteers and donations from local organizations, businesses, and individuals make these services possible.

The Mission of Hope Food Distribution Center plays an integral role in helping the homeless population of Stillwater get back on their feet with the provision of basic necessities like food and resources for self-sufficiency.

Government Food Programs to Help Homeless

If you’re homeless in Stillwater, there are several government programs that can help put food on the table. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP (formerly food stamps) provides monthly benefits for groceries. As a homeless individual, you’re going to qualify for the maximum benefit amount. You can apply for SNAP benefits at your local Department of Human Services (DHS) office.

Soup Kitchens and Food Pantries

Local soup kitchens and food pantries also offer free meals and groceries for those in need. Some options in Stillwater include:

  • The Salvation Army offers lunch every weekday and dinner 3 nights a week. They also have a food pantry with canned goods and other non-perishables.

  • Loaves and Fishes provides hot meals Monday-Friday and bags of groceries on Wednesday afternoons.

  • The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma has a mobile food pantry that visits several locations in Stillwater each week with fresh produce, bread, and more.

Meals On Wheels Program

For homeless individuals who can’t easily access soup kitchens or pantries due to age, disability or location, Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals right to where you’re staying. As long as you meet the age requirement (typically over 60) and live within their delivery area, you can receive home-delivered meals at no cost. Meals are delivered 5 days a week.

Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

For homeless women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as children under age 5, the WIC program provides nutritious foods, nutrition education, and healthcare referrals. WIC benefits include things like milk, eggs, cheese, cereal, juice, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Apply for WIC at your local health department.

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