Have You Heard of the “Govt Free Phone Program” in Arizona?

Have You Heard of the Govt Free Phone Program in Arizona - EASY Wireless

Have you been looking for ways to save money in Arizona and wanted more information about the “Govt Free Phone Program”?  Wondered if free cell phones are a real thing?

What about free cell phone service? Is it possible?

It’s true and yes it’s possible for you to say goodbye to monthly cell phone bills.

Let’s learn how.

There is a way to acquire a free smartphone but it’s not from the government directly. The government doesn’t hand out free smartphones, but you CAN get a free cell phone and free cell phone service from companies like Easy Wireless. Keep reading to find out how.

In January 2022, the new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) launched, offering the more than 40 million eligible households discounts on their monthly internet bills, including wireless broadband through cell phone service.

If you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), you can receive:

A Brand New Smartphone

Monthly FREE Talk, Text, & Data

So, let’s learn about the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and how you can get this FREE cell phone service and a free smartphone.

What is ACP - EASY Wireless

What is ACP?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a program that offers price reductions on monthly broadband service and certain connected devices. ACP is provided through home internet providers, and wireless service carriers such as EASY Wireless.

EASY Wireless provides its qualified ACP customers with monthly FREE talk, text and data.

Qualifying online only takes a few minutes.

How to Qualify for ACP Free Cell Phone Service

There are two main ways to qualify for ACP.

You can qualify for free cell phone service if you participate in various assistance programs or through your income level

Qualify for ACP Through Income

Checking if you qualify through your income level is easy.  Check the chart below to see if you qualify.

2024 Combo LL ACP Federal Poverty Guidelines Wide

Qualify for ACP Through Various Programs

There are additional ways to qualify for ACP. Do you or someone in your family participate in one of the following programs?

Time to check if you are eligible for service from EASY Wireless.

Ready to Apply for Your Govt Free Phone in Arizona - EASY Wireless

Ready to Apply for Your “Govt Free Phone” in Arizona?

EASY Wireless makes it easy for you to apply.

  • Step 1: Simply fill out the information below.
  • Step 2: Click “Enroll Now” to get started.


Start Saving Today!

Once you’ve been approved, we’ll deliver your free phone and universal SIM card kit to your home right away.

If you ever have any questions or issues, our customer service representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (877) 476-3451 or Email: compliance@myeasywireless.com.

Don’t put it off any longer! Now is the time to sign up.

Arizona Affordable Connectivity Program FAQs

Is it really this easy to get a free Government cell phone with Easy Wireless?

The government does not give free cell phones through the ACP program, but Easy Wireless does provide a benefit to its customers by giving them a free phone when they qualify for ACP in Arizona.

Are there any additional fees to activate the plan?

There are no activation fees, no monthly expenses, and no credit checks. You receive this free service from EASY Wireless through the support of the US government.

How long does ACP last?

The ACP benefit is dependent on FCC funding availability. If the FCC terminates the ACP, ends our ACP service offers, or determines your household is no longer qualified, we will notify you.

Are there other states I can get free government phones?

Yes, EASY Wireless provides free smartphones and free cell phone service in states outside of Arizona. We currently provide service in 26 states. Check out “Announcing: EASY Wireless Expands ACP Free Cell Service to Over 25 States!” for a map of all states we serve.

Join the Tens of Thousands that have already signed up for FREE Lifeline and ACP Benefits.

Free Government-Smartphone EASY Wireless